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Wellhead Natural Gas Recovery and Conversion
Alkcon Corporation is developing a modular production platform that combines advanced science and proprietary gas conversion technology that will produce propane from qualified sources of wellhead flaring gas.

Our proprietary process converts wellhead flaring gas to liquified propane gas (LPG), creating a more valuable and easily transportable multi-purpose liquid fuel.

We are currently developing partnerships with oil exploration companies, oil and gas producers and propane distributors to install and operate propane production systems at wellhead sites.

Industry Papers and Reports
• Flared gas utilization strategy - opportunities for small-scale uses of gas  
   The World Bank Group

• Flaring and venting in the oil and gas exploration and production industry  
   International Association of Oil and Gas Producers

• Gas flaring and venting: Extent, impacts and remedies  
   James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy

• Propane market outlook 2013  
   Propane Education and Research Council

Industry News
• Groups push federal government for new natural gas flaring rules  
   The Hill, August 25, 2015
• Cutting back flaring reduces new oil well completions in North Dakota  
   Prairie Business, November 14, 2014
• In North Dakota's oil bonanza, natural gas goes up in flames  
   Los Angeles Times, July 16, 2014
• US fracking industry wasting $1bn a year in gas flaring  
   The Guardian, July 31, 2013
• Drillers burn off $100M of natural gas each month  
   Shale Media Group, July 29, 2013
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