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Landfill Gas Recovery and Conversion
Alkcon Corporation is developing a modular production platform that combines advanced science and proprietary gas conversion technology that will produce biopropane from qualified sources of landfill gas (LFG).

Biopropane is a clean-burning, renewable fuel which can replace autogas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in all consumer and industrial applications.

We are currently developing partnerships with investor groups and propane distributors to build and operate rural landfill gas sequestration systems in 2016.

Industry Papers and Reports
• Standards of Performance for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills  
   United States Environmental Protection Agency

• Biopropane Production Methods  
   Propane Education and Research Council

• Expert Analysis of the Concept of Synthetic and/or Bio-LPG
   Gas Technology Institute

• Landfill Gas Energy: A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs  
   US Environmental Protection Agency

• Propane Market Outlook 2013  
   Propane Education and Research Council

Industry News
• Gas from garbage can be a useful waste  
   Pittsburh Post-Gazette, August 25, 2015
• Republic Services opens two landfill gas-to-energy projects  
   Biomass Magazine, October 2, 2014
• County opens new CNG station at landfill  
   The Star, August 26, 2013
• DTE Energy supports Michigan landfill gas energy project  
   Biomass Magazine, August 22, 2013
• 100 years of power? Landfill gas-to-energy station called a great source of renewable energy  
   MLive, August 15, 2013

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