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Biopropane and Biohydrogen Production
Alkcon Corporation has developed a modular production platform that combines advanced science and proprietary gas conversion technology that will produce biopropane and biohydrogen from qualified sources of biogas.

Biopropane (BioLPG) is a clean-burning, renewable fuel which can replace autogas and liquefied petroleum gas in all consumer and industrial applications. Biohydrogen can be used in any hydrogen fuel cell.

We are currently developing partnerships with investor groups and propane distributors to build and operate rural cooperative commercial scale biogas plants and biopropane and bio-hydrogen production facilities in 2016.

Industry Papers and Reports
• Biopropane Production Methods  
   Propane Education and Research Council

• Expert Analysis of the Concept of Synthetic and/or Bio-LPG
   Gas Technology Institute

• State of the US Biogas Industry
   American Biogas Council

• The Propane Enrichment of Biomethane  
   Flogas Group

Industry News
• Flogas Group signs agreement with Alkcon Corporation  
    Europétrole, July 12, 2015

• The utility of the future at work: Biomethane as new sources of energy & income  
   National Association of Clean Water Agencies, March 11, 2015

• Indian team researching production of biohydrogen fuel from waste  
   Greentech Lead, March 10, 2015

• Biomethane now a serious contender in the UK renewable energy market  
   AltEnergyMag.com, January 26, 2015

• SHV Energy to market Neste Oil biopropane in 2016  
   Reuters, October 16, 2014

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